Dangal 12 Days Domestic & Overseas Box Office Collection

A mix of honesty and right intention can do wonders. It takes guts to bare your soul and allow the world to peep into it. One has to dream first before embarking on collecting tools to achieve that dream. The alchemy of that rare courage and honesty was Dangal from last year.

Dangal has collected Rs 284.69 crore in the domestic market and Rs 141.60 crore in the overseas market. It’s the matter of few days before Dangal takes over Sultan as the biggest hit of 2016. However, to reduce Dangal as a mere box office phenomenon would be a mistake.

Amir khan is a dreamer. His films are great adventures for one’s soul. However, that doesn’t become a baggage. There is not a single dull moment in Dangal. You live with those earthy, imperfect characters crafted through months of patience and perseverance. Dangal is rooted in reality yet works as a fantasy.

Aamir Khan’s honesty, sincerity and a keen understanding of cinema lends a rare purity to his films. We are often used to seeing adulterated cinema. As an audience, we sometimes become victims of filmmakers’ deceitful and misleading visions. Our longing for watching honesty on screen is met with scorn when year after year we are served the same old wine in a new bottle. And then a film like Dangal restores your faith in cinema. You surrender to Dangal’s honesty and vision. As a viewer, you miraculously speak with the mind of its actors and director.

source by…. theindian express

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